Winners and special mentions for 2017 Christmas Display Contest

Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch Christmas Display Contest Special mentions are as follows

53 Hidden Spring Circle NW
12 Hidden Ridge Pl NW
14 Hidden Ridge Bay NW
9 Hidden Ridge Bay NW
161 Hidden Ranch Hill NW
169 Hidden Ranch Hill NW
105 Hidden Ranch Hill NW
320 Hidden Ranch Place NW
218 Hidden Hills Pl NW
217 Hidden Hills Pl NW
148 Hidden Pt NW
54 Hidden Ranch Blvd NW
147 Hidden Ranch Pl NW
21 Hidden Circle NW
133 Hidden Mews NW
103 Hidden Cres NW
31 Hidden Park NW
380 Hidden Valley Manor NW

Thank you to all the homes who put up Christmas lights and really made our Christmas brighter.

And the winner is…112 Hidden Hills Pl NW

Thank you to Nice Hose and Councillor Jyoti Gondeck for judging the contest. I know it was a hard pick between all the beautiful houses.