Spring Showers Bring Home Sales

Spring is Coming, and with it, Home Sales

While some areas of the country are still blanketed under a thick layer of snow, it is undeniable that spring is on its way. This is an exciting time for home sellers and real estate agents alike, as it is generally accepted as THE time to buy or sell. I imagine this has to do with a lot of things, such as it being a natural time of transitions and new beginnings, and a time when warmer weather brings people out of their winter-induced hibernation. Whatever the reason, home sales pick up as soon as the weather gets warmer.

Part of the challenge with the spring real estate fever is that there will be a lot more on the market, meaning that you may have to work a little harder to make your home stand out. A bit of spring cleaning is imperative if you want to make your home match the moods of spring-time buyers. Make sure sunlight shines through clean windows, and brighten up any faded paint. New beginnings are what people are after at this time of year, not worn out old homes.

Which brings up another important factor: old listings. If your home has been on the market all winter without much interest, consider pulling it now, if possible. Giving your home a bit of time off market will make it appear as a new listing to people looking to buy in spring. New listings are far more interesting to buyers than old ones. Having said that, it is very possible that having your home on the market for early spring can catch some of those buyers who are getting a head start on the spring rush. So consider your options and consult your Realtor for advice that is relevant to your specific market.

Also, with all that said, don’t stress it if you aren’t ready to sell by spring. While it is a hot time for the market, the competition can make things a little hairy. Sometimes, planning ahead is the best thing. For example, if you are just starting to consider selling your home now, waiting to put it on the market and spending lots of time getting it ready to sell may be a wise move. Work on the landscaping and fix nagging repairs over summer so that the next spring, your home will be the cream of the crop. While that might sound like a lot of time to plan, it all depends on your priorities. Well prepared homes seem to sell quicker and for more money. On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry to sell, you’ll have to do whatever will meet your needs.


There are very few aspects to the real estate market that are cut and dry, and all the general rules really depend on your personal needs and wants. But one thing is for certain, spring is a busy time. So either sit back and enjoy it, or jump in and join me in the real estate fever.