How to Deal with an Annoying Neighbor

How to Deal with an Annoying Neighbor

We’ve all had to deal with it at one time or another – the annoying neighbor! Sometimes it’s only a minor annoyance that is bothering you while at other times it can turn into a full out legal battle. Either way, here are some guidelines you can take a look at that may help you when you’re dealing with a neighbor that’s causing you some grief.

The do nothing about it attitude

In some cases you may want to relax, take a deep breath and do nothing about the situation that’s bothering you. If it’s something minor and trivial but it’s just a slight annoyance, you may want to just let things slide by. On the other side of the fence, your neighbors may be slightly annoyed with some of the things that you do as well. Sometimes it all comes down to compromise – just like it is when you’re living with other people in the home. Some things just aren’t worth fighting about, especially when you consider that there are probably worse neighbors you could be dealing with!

Try to talk it out

If there’s something happening that’s just driving you crazy, the first thing you’ll want to do is approach your neighbors straight on about the situation. You don’t want to talk to them when you’re angry, however, since an angry conversation usually doesn’t get a situation resolved. In most cases talking things out can alleviate or at least reduce the behavior that’s annoying you. If you don’t feel that you can talk to your neighbors in a calm manner without having steam rising from your ears, take along a calm and collected friend or family member that can help do the talking for you and act as a mediator.

Taking things a step further

When a law or bylaw is being violated and you have already tried to talk to your neighbor about the situation, you can contact officials but this should really be your last step unless you feel that it is an emergency situation. For example, there are noise laws that your neighbor’s barking dogs may be breaking, which would definitely be an inconvenience and a nuisance for you. In this type of scenario you’ll really want to try to talk things out first before filing a complaint. In a situation where a neighbor has been threatening you though you’ll probably want to get the police involved to stop any harassment and to get everything recorded on public record.

Overall, the goal is to have peace with your neighbors. The best way to do this, providing you’re not dealing with an emergency situation, is to take a calm approach to the problem and work towards getting it resolved through communication and understanding on both sides.


If all else fails, look in your neighborhood’s directory to find the Neighbor Mediator / Arbitrator to help diffuse any feuds you have ongoing with your neighbors.