How to Decorate a Small Condo to Make it Sizzle

How to Decorate a Small Condo to Make it Sizzle

When you’re working with a smaller space decorating can be much more of a challenge. There are certain dos and don’ts that you have to follow that don’t need to be adhered to in a home necessarily in order to pull everything together. If you approach things the wrong way your small condo will appear cramped and confining whereas if you decorate it right the condo will appear spacious and open. Take a look through the amazing tips below to find out how to best accomplish this feat.

Out with the chunky furniture

Chunky furniture and small condos just don’t mix. Look for simplistic furniture that is small yet elegant. IKEA sells a lot of this type of furniture and for reasonable prices. If you already have large furniture and can’t afford to go out and get anything new, use small accent pieces containing a lot of color to help reduce their large appearance.

Use color to your advantage

Light colors will open up the room while darker colors will cave it in. Choose light bright colors for your furniture, accessories if possible and try to use the same colors throughout the condo. This will help to pull your space together and will make the place look as though a professional interior designer has been called in to create the look.

Keep it tidy

If you have any special collections you should gather them together and have them displayed as one set so that the condo doesn’t start to look cluttered. If you have too many collectibles and can’t store them all you may want to consider using the storage space you’ve been given with your condo or even renting out a small locker to keep them in. Once you have too many things sitting around the condo it starts to look like a real mess.

Create space with mirrors

Mirrors have long been used to create the image of a larger space. Use them to your advantage throughout the condo in any room or area that looks cramped.

Concentrate on focal points

Every room should have its own focal point to stabilize the look you are trying to achieve. As well, taller items like standing lamps and long curtains will make the ceiling appear higher. When you have a focal point along with the illusion of a taller ceiling extra space will seem to be created in the room.

Add your own personal flair

This is your condo and you need to make it your own. In order to create the special look that makes you call this condo your home, add your own style of artwork and accessories. It’s not just about making this condo look bigger and open, it’s about making it the place that you look forward to returning to every day.