How to Protect Your Privacy When Selling Your Home

How to Protect Your Privacy When Selling Your Home

Before you decide to allow viewers inside your Calgary home, you’ll want to make sure that there are certain things that are hidden from view that potential buyers won’t see when they are in for a viewing. Someone that is serious about your home may want to open the drawers to make sure that they slide easily and to get a good idea of how much room is inside each one of them. If you have a kitchen drawer full of private papers, you may want to move them to another spot while your home is on the market.

The same goes for cupboards. Serious prospective buyers will be opening every cupboard to take a peek inside. While you probably are only storing food items and kitchen items inside your cupboards, there may be one cupboard that has been set aside for something special. The idea here is just to be aware that buyers are going to want to open things up to get an overall impression of your home. They aren’t being snoopy – they just need all the information available before making a final decision as to whether they want to put in an offer on your home or not.

In the bedrooms

Anybody that is viewing your home will have no reason to open up any of your dresser drawers but they will be interested in seeing your closet in full view. If you have any type of closet organizer in there with drawers, the buyers may assume that the organizer is coming with the closet and could start pulling open the drawers. If you have anything in them that is personal or private, you’ll want to move them out before inviting anyone into your home.

On the walls

You may have personal family photos on your walls and it’s up to you whether you want these pictures to be displayed or not. If you have young children, and you’re worried about privacy issues, it’s best to take down these photos and replace them with another piece of artwork. You may also want to take down any other type of wall hangings that contain private information about you, such as a framed diploma or any awards you may have achieved with your business or recreational activities.

Find a secure place to put your mail

A lot of people have a certain spot that they put their mail that’s out in the open. When your home is up for viewing, select a designated spot where you can put your mail. If you have any other types of personal paperwork that is openly displayed, you’ll want to get that to handled as well.

The best way to sell a home quickly is to keep everything out of sight and not to give prospective buyers a lot of information about yourself. If they find out that you’re doctor, for example, they may assume that you are riddled with money when in fact you are working frantically day and night to pay off your student loans right now. The less information provided to home buyers about your personal life, the more likely you are to get an unbiased offer appearing on the table based on the home and its location only.