It’s Time to Start Boxing Things Up!


It’s Time to Start Boxing Things Up!

You’re putting your Calgary home on the market and don’t plan on moving for another few months. You’re hoping for a quick sale so that you can get into the new place at record speed. Your agent tells you to get packing now and to put the storage boxes in your garage. You’re thinking that it’s too early to start packing now and that the agent must have been mistaken when he said it. Was he?

Going minimalistic

Chances are that your home right now is filled with personal objects that you have collected during the years. If you’re like most people you have taken the time to personalize your home to make it your own. This doesn’t mean that you have clutter lying on the floor in every room, it just means that you have taken the time to fill your home with personal items like collectibles and furniture that you’ve fallen in love with. Although these special things may have some sentimental value to you, they won’t to the viewers that are looking at your house for sale for a potential purchase.

You’re planning on moving shortly anyway so it’s a good idea to get things boxed up now and move them into the garage. If you don’t have a garage you can rent a storage facility on a short-term basis. The idea here is to get your home looking as minimalistic as possible for a quicker sale. Doing this will open up the light and space in your home.

Filling up your garage with neatly placed boxes it’s a lot better than having too many personal items showing in the house once it has been listed. For most people the garage will be a secondary factor in buying a home and can look past all of the boxes to see it as it is.

If you have personal stuff filling up your home it can slow down your sale considerably. You’re planning on moving soon anyway so get a head start on it by clearing out some of your extra things. At the very least you’ll have less to pack when moving day comes around!