It’s Time to Start Thinking about Winterizing Your Home

It’s Time to Start Thinking about Winterizing Your Home

While fall is just about to begin it’s never too early to start thinking about what needs to get done to prepare your home for the winter months. How many times have you put these necessary tasks aside and then have been caught by the first snowfall? Getting the small things done ahead of time is a lot easier to handle before the cold and snow make their way into your life.

Here are some basic winterizing guidelines that you can use to ensure that your home is ready to brace the winter elements.

Doors and windows

Take a walk through your home to inspect the doors and windows for air leaks and any repairs needed. If there are windows located in basement window wells cover them with plastic if you feel that they could use extra protection from the snow and sleet.

The exterior

Before the cold sets in prepare your patio furniture for the winter by giving it a good cleaning and then either tarping it for protection or storing it away. After the cleaning you’ll want to drain your garden hose and turn off the valves to the outside faucets.

The lawnmower will need the gas drained from it before storage and this is also a good time to make sure that your snow blower and shovels are all in good repair.

If you have any trees that should be pruned during this time of year or branches that need to be trimmed get that done before the weather gets too cold. This type of tree work should occur before the weather dips or else you’ll have to put it off until the spring. As well, you should contact a landscaper to find out if any of your plants or trees need to be wrapped for the winter to protect them from the harsh elements.