Mouse in the House? How to Prepare for the Arrival of the Pest Control Company

Mouse in the House? How to Prepare for the Arrival of the Pest Control Company

Whether you’ve actually seen a mouse or have only seen the droppings, you know that there’s a little critter running around your home. When you see the evidence of one mouse it usually means that there are more! Mice can breed very quickly and become quite a problem in the household. If you have already called up a company for mouse control, here are a few things that you should do before they arrive.

  1. Remove any open food sources

Don’t give the mice anything that they can snack on. Make sure that all of your food is stored in a plastic container or in a heavy sealed bag. Mice will eat almost anything and if they get hungry enough they can even decide to chew through a light plastic bag to get to the food. Take a look around your kitchen and look for any food that may seem inviting to the little guests and get it sealed up. This may also involve placing some food items that are commonly stored in the cupboard into the fridge temporarily until the problem has been solved.

  1. Look for any obvious points of entry

While the pest control service can certainly help you track down how the mice are entering your home, it will be cheaper if you can find it yourself and then address the problem. Take a look under your cupboards and look for any obvious holes. Check for any gaps as well. A mouse can squeeze through a 1/4 inch gap while a rat can get through one that’s only 1/2-inch wide. Don’t worry if you can’t find the entry point though. The company you call in will be able to locate it for you. They have had a lot of experience dealing with mice and know where to look for the points of entry.

  1. Get rid of some clutter

Mice and most other  types of rodents are drawn towards clutter including piles of clothing and boxes. They look for these areas to make a nest, which only adds further to the problem.

  1. Get rid of the trash

Even if your trash bag is only half empty, get rid of it every night. Until the mice have been completely eliminated they will view your garbage as a feast.

When you get your house set up in this way it will help the pest control company do their job easier. Bait will be set up for the mice and without any distractions in the way it will be a lot easier and quicker to get them caught and completely out of your home for good.