Picking a New Countertop? Granite or Quartz or Other Options?

Granite and Quartz Countertops – What Are Your Other Options?

You hear a lot of talk today about quartz and granite countertops but there are several other options available that you may want to consider. While both quartz and granite have a solid reputation for being top-of-the-line countertops, there are other counters that are building up their own reputations on the sidelines.

Icestone and soapstone

Soapstone offers natural beauty to the countertop and is truly unique, darkening over time as long as it is oiled on a regular basis. It is stain-resistant, highly durable and due to its chemical nature will be able to withstand the acid effects of lemon juice and several other common acids. Soapstone has a fine speckled pattern to it and is relatively smooth. Available in grey tones, it offers a great look that stands out from other counters.

Icestone is a mixture of glass and concrete, making it a great choice when it comes to countertops. It’s a durable green alternative that is made of approximately 75% recycled materials.

Butcher block countertop

If you’re looking for a natural elegance that you can’t find with any other type of material then take a look at the beautiful wood butcher block tops available. They add a warm tone to any kitchen and the best thing about this type of counter is you’ll be able to sand it and give it a waxing periodically to keep it looking the same as the first day you purchased it.

Stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel is heat resistant, hygienic and these days will fit into many contemporary kitchens. If you have stainless steel appliances these tops can really create an effect. The price you’d end up paying for a countertop made of steel is approximately the same amount that you would pay for a granite one.


You’ll have to take a look at concrete countertops at a local Calgary dealer to see for yourself whether this is the type of look you’d like to add to your kitchen or not. In some cases a poured concrete countertop can really bring the whole kitchen decor together and in other kitchens it can ruin the look completely. Concrete can add a certain warmth, however, to a kitchen, even though it seems like it would be a colder type of material to work with.