Will Cleaning Your Carpet Help You Sell Your Home Faster?

Will Cleaning Your Carpet Help You Sell Your Home Faster?

When it comes to Calgary home sales, this is quite a loaded question. Agents are frequently asked whether a good carpet cleaning will help sell the home faster and the quick answer is “It all depends.”

An agent can walk into a home and tell right away whether the carpet needs a good cleaning or not. When a carpet hasn’t had a thorough professional cleaning for years, there can be lingering odors that may be harboring in your home. The funny thing is you may not be smelling them while others can.

Every home has its own smell and the homeowner will get used to it. In some cases it can be a very pleasant odor but in some homes there is a mild kind of mildew smell that is emanating from the carpets. In these cases, it definitely would be worth the small cost of getting the carpets professionally cleaned to help sell the home faster.

What about pets?

Almost every pet owner knows that a furry friend can leave accidents on a rug and it can be almostimpossible to remove the odor and the stain completely. If you have been training a puppy recently, for example, you will probably have to get your home cleaned by a professional carpetcleaning company before putting it on the market.

These cleaning companies have special products that they use to neutralize any of the mess that has been left behind. As well, they have equipment that can grind deep down into the carpet fibers to break down the molecular structure of urine and other pet accidents.

Once this cleaning has been done you can be assured that all of the lingering pet odors will have been completely eradicated. You don’t want to invite viewers into your home and have them rub their nose or sniff around trying to locate the source of the odor. Not only is it embarrassing, but it will definitely slow down any Calgary home sales.

If your carpet is faded and worn, a quick professional steam cleaning can also bring it back to life so that it appears vibrant again. A real estate agent for Calgary home sales can let you know whether a cleaning is absolutely necessary, would be advisable or whether it really isn’t needed.