Fall Cleanup Tips for the Backyard


Fall Cleanup Tips for the Backyard

Most of the leaves have now fallen from the trees and it’s time to get your back and front yard ready for the winter snow. This is the time to get your yard prepared for what’s ahead so that when spring arrives you’ll have less work to do. By using these tips you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful yard or garden in the spring and you’ll be thankful that you took the time to get prepared for the cold harsh winter.

Fertilize the grass

This is the best time to give your lawn some extra food. During the autumn nights the grass is recovering from the stress and heat it had to endure during the summer and when you give it a boost with a slow release type of fertilizer it really soaks it in. This helps to protect it against the cold during the long winter months.

Rake your leaves

Make sure that you get all of the leaves up before the snow arrives so that your lawn doesn’t end up getting smothered. If you don’t get the leaves up you’ll end up with dead spots of grass in your yard in the spring. As for the garden, it’s okay to leave a few leaves around since they act as an insulator for the plants.

For the dog owners

Grab your pooper scooper and get to work. If you really can’t confront the backyard there are professional companies that will come out and get it all up for you. You may also want to consider hiring a young teen in the neighborhood that would like to make a few extra dollars. Just imagine what your lawn would look like in the spring if you don’t get it all up now!

Aerate your yard

During the summer the earth gets compacted and the fall is the perfect time to put these little holes into the yard to help the fertilizer, water and air reach the roots of the grass. You can rent an aerator from most home improvement stores in the Calgary area.

Give your trees and plants one last watering

Your trees and plants can get damaged in the winter due to dehydration. In order to avoid this problem water your shrubs and trees giving them a good soaking just before the ground starts to freeze.

It’s time to plant the bulbs

This is your last chance to get those bulbs planted for the spring. It needs to be done now so that the plants have enough time to develop their roots before the freezing begins. While you’re planting your bulbs you should also do a final weeding to get your garden set for the winter and ready to look its best for the spring.