When It’s Time to Sell the Family Home

When It’s Time to Sell the Family Home

There usually comes a time to decide whether to sell the family home or not and quite often it can be a very difficult choice to make. Children have been raised in this home and there are a lot of memories that seem to be built right into the walls of the home both literally and figuratively. The memories are there every time you walk into a room and in some homes you’ll actually see evidence of children’s growing charts marked on the walls.

How do you walk away from a home that has become such a memory?

In some cases it’s a decision that’s made not by choice but by necessity. As parents start to age they are looking for something a little easier to take care of and perhaps something that offers more freedom. A sprawling three bedroom home is no longer necessary and the parents now have their choice as to whether they want to be tied down to a large home or want to lessen their load by downsizing.

The memories carry forward

If you are in a position where you need to decide whether it’s time to sell the family home or not, one thing you need to realize is that the home is actually not the memories. You are going to be moving into a new place and carrying along all of the memories with you. You really don’t need four walls to remind you of the special times that you had with your children.

A fresh new start

A lot of people look forward to retirement to do some traveling and it’s a lot easier to leave a condo behind than it is a single-family home. If you have plans for retiring soon you’ll enjoy the freedom that a smaller place will give you. Sometimes it’s just time to move on and embrace a new lifestyle, just like your older children did when they moved out.

While selling the family home can be a very difficult thing to confront, there is a new future to look forward to that can’t be ignored. You’ll have the chance to make positive changes that further embrace your goals for retirement.