Why Do You Need a Calgary Real Estate Agent?


Why Do You Need a Calgary Real Estate Agent?

There are many different reasons why you should use a Calgary real estate agent when buying or selling property. I have had to work with a lot of different clients that tried to buy or sell a home on their own and in many cases had to pick up the pieces left behind. There is a reason why there are real estate professionals, just like there are dentists for tooth repair. Just as you wouldn’t fix your own teeth, you shouldn’t attempt to negotiate a real estate transaction on your own.

There are many legal issues involved with a real estate transaction and unless you have gone through the vigorous training to become an agent you won’t be aware of them. Issues like house insurance, taxes, titles, home inspections etc. need to be addressed properly. You’ll need to have an expert by your side to not only find your next home but to also make sure that the entire transaction goes smoothly

There can also be a lot of negotiations that take place between the buyer and seller. When an offer is first put in it can be accepted, rejected or a counteroffer can be placed. This is where the agent steps in and work on your behalf to get you the most home for the money. On your own, you don’t stand much of a chance working with these counteroffers if the seller or buyer has his own real estate agent behind him.

Your real estate agent also has the facts that you need to make an informed buying decision. There are trends and market conditions that are continually changing across Calgary month to month and even week to week. There are good areas in the city and other neighborhoods that are best to avoid.

Your agent has access to crime statistics for your short-term quality of living and stats regarding home evaluations and how much you can expect your new home to appreciate in the future. In short, a local real estate agent in Calgary looks at both your short-term and long-term goals so that you are fully satisfied with your purchase and can walk away from it knowing that you made the right decision.

Your agent also has connections in the real estate field and talks to a lot of other agents about homes, townhouses and condos. He has connections and quite often these can lead to a fast sale. One buyer agent knows someone that is looking for something specific while a seller agent knows a couple or a person that is selling a home that fits the bill perfectly. These connections lead to sales and happy buyers and sellers. This is definitely a winning combination that can only be achieved by using a Calgary real estate agent.