4 Benefits of Gardening

4 Benefits of Gardening


1 – Relieves Stress

Gardening has been proven to boost mood and lower stress levels. The physical activity element of gardening combined with being in green spaces, gives your brain rest and can help with depression, anxiety and stress.


2 – Improves Your Health

If you’re growing fruits and veggies, you have access to fresh. local produce full of nutrients – just avoid using chemicals like pesticides. Gardening of any kind can also reduce the risk of dementia and heart disease, increase your exposure to vitamin D, and provide a low-impact form of exercise.


3- Helps the Environment

Gardening helps the environment in many ways. Adding plants and trees created more oxygen and can help reduce air pollution. If you use plants native to your area, it can benefit local wildlife and insects, and it can remove the need to fertilize the plants with chemicals or water them. Planting a rain garden allows rainwater runoff to be collected and soaked in the ground, which can help minimize flooding and water pollution.


4- Beautifies Your Home

In addition to boosting your health and helping the environment, gardening can make a big impact for homeowners hoping to put their home on the market. Adding plants and flowers to your front or backyard can add curb appeal and attract buyers.