Try-before-you-buy concept used to sell home

Try-before-you-buy concept used to sell home

Realtor said the owners are offering a stay of about a week but everything is negotiable in real estate

The owner of this home in Calgary is offering a ‘Try-before-you-buy’ experience for potential buyers

Mario ToneguzziYou wouldn’t think of not taking a vehicle out on a test drive before making one of the biggest purchases in your life.

So why not a home?

A Calgary homeowner who has listed a property for sale is taking the same concept and adapting it to the real estate industry. The seller is offering potential buyers an opportunity to try the home out prior to making the commitment to buy it.

Calgary realtor Robyn Moser, of Robyn Moser & Associates and RE/MAX Realty Professionals, described the home, which she has listed at 65 Cougar Ridge Close S.W., as a stunning custom-built property with close to half a million dollars in upgrades.

“It’s been listed for a bit, which is why I talked to the sellers about different ideas that we could do to help entice people to purchase the home,” said Moser. “And honestly when we chatted about it, they had come up with a bunch of different solutions and the reason why we decided the try before you buy is because it’s something that everyone always talks about wanting to do. And these guys are in the capacity where they can actually have someone try their house out prior to purchasing.

Calgary realtor Robyn Moser

“They are living in the home as we speak but they have the ability to move somewhere else.”

Moser said the owners are offering a stay of about a week but everything is negotiable in real estate. There would have to be an accepted offer by the sellers with the only condition left being for the buyer to live in the home for a period and be satisfied. A deposit would be held in trust with the listing brokerage.

The two-storey home, which is 2,578 square feet, is listed for $949,000 and has been on the market for 84 days as of Wednesday.

“Nestled in the quiet back corner backing onto greenspace and pathways, this home is your Bearspaw home within the Calgary city limits.The large fully landscaped pie shape lot features vegetable gardens, perennials and enough room for a hockey rink,” says the MLS listing for the property. The property includes a composite back deck that takes full advantage of the southwest mountain view.

“Inside the home, all your dreams will come true! Not one more window could have been added to this home ensuring a constant flood of natural light. High ceilings! Home automation system! Upgraded seven-inch hand-scraped engineered hardwood floors throughout the top two floors, making this home low allergen! Wood burning fireplace! Highly upgraded kitchen with full height cabinets and a $27,000 appliance package! Granite counters in the kitchen and two baths! All baths come with heated floors! And so, so much more!”

The full listing can be found here, as well as photos and a video of the home.

“In the past, we had a seller offer … $1,000 worth of beer in order to sell their home. We had that in 2012 and then we also did in 2013 an incentive which was a client had offered a $5,000 wedding gift to anyone who purchased their home. This isn’t our first time at trying unique seller incentives but this is the first time we’ve ever suggested the try-before-you-buy scenario,” added Moser.

“We also I think had another one where our client offered a $1,000 gift certificate to the restaurant across the street from their condo in Sunnyside.”

“The large fully landscaped pie shape lot features vegetable gardens, perennials and enough room for a hockey rink,” – MLS listing

Mario Toneguzzi is a Troy Media business reporter based in Calgary. He writes for Calgary’s Business.

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Purchasing Protocol

Purchasing Protocol

Preparing to jump into the home buying process is an exciting venture, but remember to follow the proper purchasing protocol so that when you do find the right property, the sale has the best chance of going through smoothly and successfully.

Working with a buyer’s agent, where you agree to work exclusively with one brokerage and they commit to represent you, prioritize your needs and ensure all your rights are upheld, gives you a better chance of purchasing success than braving the buying process alone. You would sign a buyer-broker agreement that clarifies exactly what your obligations are, and what services you’re entitled to.

The contract you’ll sign with your buyer’s agent shows your commitment to the sales professional in allowing them to guide you through the buying process. Remember that, while your representative will do the legwork in sourcing properties of interest for you, you’re also free to look for properties on foot or online, on your own. However, if you do discover a property on your own that you’re interested in viewing in person, you’ll need to let your buyer’s agent know so that they can make arrangements for you to view it.  Contacting the listing agent directly won’t get you a better deal and if fact could work against you, as the listing agent’s job it to represent the seller and get the best price for them, while your buyer’s agent’s job is to represent your best interests, as a buyer.

Ask your salesperson to walk you through your agreement, line by line, so you know exactly what you’re signing and what you can expect throughout the home buying process.


Cook Up A Great New Kitchen!


Cook Up A Great New Kitchen!

If you spend a lot of time cooking, eating and simply being in our kitchen, you recognize why the kitchen is one of the top draws for homebuyers, and also how kitchen remodels tend to be good investments.

Most homeowners can expect to recoup over 60 percent of their kitchen renovation costs down the road, upon the home’s resale, but in the meantime, a kitchen upgrade is a great way to bring function and joy to your everyday life.

Before breaking out the sledgehammer, take the time to plan out your wants and needs carefully. A cramped kitchen, for example, may not actually be too small, it may just be organised ineffectively. In fact, you may have extra storage room right in front of your eyes, in the form of higher cabinets that reach the ceiling, allowing for storage of little used or seasonal dishes, or bare wall space that can accommodate extra shelving, or even a yawning ceiling, ideal for installing a rack for hanging large pots and other cumbersome but necessary cookware.

Shifting appliances around can sometimes create more space without qualifying as a kitchen reno, but if you do have visions of a new kitchen with a completely different footprint, recognize the magnitude of the reshuffling before you start. Once you start knocking down walls and changing the location of plumbing and electrical outlets, you’re into major renovation territory, and correspondingly major costs.

Finally, if you’re not planning on moving, but instead intending to age in place, remember to talk to your kitchen contractor about planning a wide kitchen entrance to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs down the road, a wall oven instead of traditional stove , and adding pullout shelves to base cabinets for greater accessibility.

Be The Host With The Most This Summer

Be The Host With The Most This Summer!


The countdown to summer vacations is on, and many of us can’t wait to pack up and head out to a place where we can relax, unwind, and if we’re lucky, get pampered too! If, however, you’re on the other end of vacation travel plans and will be opening your door to friends and family this summer, employ some tips from high-end destinations to create five star memories for your own honored guests.


Bedroom Luxuries

After dragging their suitcases to their room, guests will need a place to open their bags and hang up some clothes. Provide a folding luggage rack or a small bench to help them avoid having to unpack their suitcase on the floor; clear some space and provide a number of hangers in the closet; and empty a drawer so your guests can easily organize their clothes. Consider providing a hand-held clothes steamer in case they need to get the wrinkles out of their wardrobe.

Ensure the guest room has a good bedside reading lamp, with some general-interest magazines on the bedside table, along with brochures of local attractions as applicable. Put a pad of paper and a pen on the bedside table with a note advising them of your Wi-Fi password and, if you have extra chargers, leave them on the table too should they need to charges their phone or laptop.

A great vacation starts and ends with a great night’s sleep, so in addition to fluffy pillow and clean, fresh bedding you’ll want to provide guests with additional comforts like cushy slippers and robes, disposable earplugs, eye masks (if you don’t have room-darkening blinds) and – why not? – a wrapped chocolate on their pillow for that luxury turndown service feeling! Go the extra mile by investing in a lavender pillow spray for the sweetest dreams.

If your guests quarters consist of a pullout couch in a common room instead of a bed in a separate bedroom, set up a portable folding room screen to provide your guests with some appearance of privacy.

Bathroom Necessities

Providing soft, fluffy towels that are clearly indicated for guest use are a given here. In addition, while your guests will most likely arrive with all of their own personal essentials, you’ll still want to place a basket of basic provisions in the bathroom in case they forget anything and are too shy to ask. Stock the basket with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner, lip balms, sunscreen, and even a small bottle of Tylenol or other comon painkiller. Make extra rolls of toilet paper easy to access, too.


Snack Service

While you may have the formal meals planned out, when it comes to snacks, the words “help yourself” may be the most misunderstood ones in the English language. Although delivered to guests with the best of intentions, this is a phrase that often causes consternation; after all, who truly feels comfortable rummaging through their friend’s fridge and cupboards for a midnight snack? Instead, draw on the convenience of hotel snack and mini-fridge options by setting up snacks specifically for your guests.

Extend your generosity, while providing clear-cut boundaries, by setting up a hotel -like snack station for guests to nosh on without feeling like they’re raiding your personal supplies. Make it easy on everyone by providing a basket filled with options like chips, granola bars, fruit, and bottle of water right in your guest room.  You could also consider setting up a coffee and tea station on a small table with a coffee maker, electric kettle, cups and all the supplies necessary for making hot drinks at any time.




Calgary – Lets Recycle Correctly Together

Credit for article – –

Yes. Put these items into your blue cart

Bundled stretchy plastic bags and cling wrap

Bundle all stretchy plastic bags into a single plastic bag and tie closed before recycling. Acceptable bags include:

  • Grocery bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Sandwich/lunch bags
  • Resealable/Ziploc bags
  • Freezer bags
  • Bread bags
  • Dry cleaner bags
  • Plastic overwrap (wrapping on toilet or paper towel, water bottle cases)
  • Plastic film wrap (saran wrap)
  • Bubble wrap

Bag Tip: If the plastic bag/wrap stretches (like a grocery bag) it’s recyclable; if it does not stretch, is crinkly or tears (like a chip bag or cellophane), it’s not recyclable.

Paper and cardboard

  • Cardboard boxes (cereal, pizza, tissue boxes, etc.)
  • Toilet and paper towel tubes
  • Catalogues, magazines and telephone books
  • Newspapers, flyers and brochures
  • Letters and envelopes (remove plastic window)
  • Paper coffee cups and fountain pop cups (no lid)
  • Greeting cards
  • Non-foil paper gift wrap
  • Paper bags
  • Soup and beverage cartons (e.g.Tetra Pak® packages)
  • Milk cartons and juice boxes
  • Shredded paper (in a see-through bag and tied closed)
  • Paperback and hardcover books (separate hardcovers from pages)

Plastic containers with recycling symbol 1-7

Your blue cart is for plastic containers – if your plastic item is not a container, do not recycle.


  • Milk jugs
  • Yogurt tubs
  • Pop bottles
  • Takeout containers
  • Laundry detergent container
  • Body lotion containers (no tubes)
  • Beverage and juice bottles
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles (no hand pumps)
  • Molded plastic packaging
  • A plastic holder with a cardboard backing – separate each item for recycling
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Divided food trays like cookie trays or party trays

Tin food cans and tin foil

  • Tin food cans
  • Clean tin foil (crumple up)
  • Foil take out containers and pie plates
  • Tin containers (e.g. cookie tins)
  • Pop cans

Glass food containers

  • Clean glass jars and bottles

Lids and caps – separate from container

  • Metal lids must be larger than 5 cm (two inches) in diameter
  • Plastic lids must be larger than 7.5 cm (three inches) in diameter

Lids tip: if the lid is about the size of the palm of your hand, it’s ok to recycle. Please note that all coffee cup lids belong in the garbage. The are too light to be sorted properly at the recycling facility.




Missed A Mortgage Payment? By Barb Eglauer – One Of Our Preferred Service Providers


Missed a Mortgage Payment?

There are times in our lives when the unexpected happens and we find it difficult to cope financially. It could be a job loss, an unexpected illness, the death of a loved one or separation and divorce. There may be enough money to get by for a few months, but soon families may find themselves overwhelmed as the bills start to mount and household finances begin to dwindle. If you’ve missed a mortgage payment, there are probably cash flow issues going on and you are likely juggling and deciding which debts to repay. While missing a mortgage payment is serious, you do have options.

When will the lender be concerned? 

Whenever a borrower fails to meet his or her mortgage commitments as per the original mortgage lending contract, the lender will consider the borrower to be in default. It’s important to be proactive and speak to the lender to try to work with them. Lenders will first want to work with borrowers (and potentially the mortgage insurer, if there is one, to help bring the client current)

Consider the following steps:

Step 1: Contact your mortgage professional or lender immediately.
Homeowners may be reluctant to do this but the goal is to help you find a reasonable and affordable solution. There is a difference between a missed payment and a late payment. A missed payment is one that is completely missed and never made up. A late payment is one that’s not paid on time, but made up.

If there are a few missed mortgage payments, it might be difficult to get a bank loan to pay the arrears since it looks as if there might be an issue repaying the loan.

I can work with the lender to look at a number of different options including:

  • A longer amortization period to lower monthly payments
  • Switching from a variable rate to a fixed mortgage to provide a consistent payment plan you can budget for without fear of any future interest rate increase
  • Refinancing or second mortgage
  • There may be an option for a payment holiday or adding missed payments to the back of your current mortgage

Step 2: Be proactive about the next missed payment
If you’ve agreed to a temporary solution and you think you might miss another payment, make a call before you miss the payment. Pro-actively addressing this will give you more options than trying to deal with it when you have already missed payments.

Since every situation is unique, it’s important for us to talk as soon as problems start – it can be the difference between keeping a home and losing it.