Calgary Home Buyers Need a Team – Let us Help You

Calgary Home Buyers Need a Team


You’ve been thinking about buying a new home and have been saving up for a down payment to turn your dream into a reality. You’ll need to have a team of professionals by your side in order to get all of your questions answered and to help you get through the stress of buying your new home. It’s a complicated procedure and there are certain professionals that can give you the help you need to get through the process smoothly. Some of these team members will include a real estate agent, a home inspector, a lender and a real estate lawyer.

Real estate agent

A Buyer’s Agent will cost you nothing to use one but could cost you financially if you don’t. The real estate agent will be an important part of the home hunt itself and will write up the Offer to Purchase for you. They will also  negotiate for you so that you end up getting the best deal on the home. Any questions you have about finding the perfect house, townhouse or condo can be answered best by the agent directly. They are the shoulder you will be leaning on until the deal is closed.

Real estate lawyer

A lawyer protects your interests legally They are someone that will make sure that there aren’t any statutory liens or work orders remaining on the building.


You have the choice of finding your own lender or using a mortgage broker to help you find the best one. More and more people in Calgary are using mortgage brokers these days since a broker is able to shop around at various lending institutions in order to bring you the best mortgage proposal. In many cases you can save thousands of dollars in the long run by using a mortgage broker and it won’t cost you anything extra. These brokers are paid a finder’s fee by the lending institutions.

Home inspectors

A home inspector can give you the confidence to purchase your next home without having to worry about any underlying problems in the property. Home inspectors will look for a variety of issues in the home including pest problems like termites and other insects, structural damage, electrical problems etc. For the small fee you’ll have to pay for this service, it’s well worth the cost.

You’ll also have to connect with an insurance agent in order to get homeowner’s insurance on the property. This will be required by the lending institution as a form of security for the mortgage.