Is Your Home Energy-Ready for the Winter?

Is Your Home Energy-Ready for the Winter?

Although winter hasn’t arrived yet it’s just around the corner and now is the best time to inspect your home for energy efficiency. All it takes is one small crack to run up your heating bill and get the furnace running needlessly. It’s best to get the inspection done now before the cold weather sets in and some of it can be done on your own. This will give you time to do any of the repairs necessary before the snow starts to fly.

Do you have drafty windows?

If it’s in your budget you may want to think about replacing them with new energy efficient windows. If it’s not an expense you can afford right now you can either use weather-stripping for windows or purchase an insulation kit that will run you approximately $3 per window.

If you have any cracks around your windows you can use standard caulking and wall sockets can be treated with foam pads to keep out the drafts. The exterior cracks will require caulking that is rated for minus 40° weather.

You can use felt weather-stripping for doors along the top and the sides of them and you may also want to consider installing a door sweep on the inside of the door. You’ll also need to check to see if the threshold needs replacing.

Look for problems with air gaps indoors along the floors, ceiling, walls, doors, windows, light fixtures and wall sockets. On the outside of your home examine the foundation, pipes, faucets and outlets.

Calling in the professionals

For total home winter insulation you may want to call in a professional company to do an inspection on your HVAC, insulation on your ductwork and a fireplace/chimney inspection.

One tube of caulking can go a long way. It only costs about $10 for a tube and you have the potential to save about $100 or more per year in energy costs by sealing up all the cracks. It’s time to do an inspection and get those drafts handled before the cold winds blow and the thought of walking around your home’s exterior is completely uncomfortable.