What to Look for When You’re Moving During Your Retirement Years


What to Look for When You’re Moving During Your Retirement Years

If you have decided to relocate during your retirement years there are a few factors that you’ll need to consider first. You’re probably going to be spending some years, if not the rest of your life, at your new location so you’ll want to make sure that you choose it well.

Take time to make your decision

Don’t just jump in and decide too quickly that you want to move to a certain location. Get to know the neighborhood or city you’re planning on moving to. If it’s within the city you currently live in, learn more about the community and the types of amenities and services around it. If you’re planning a move outside of the city, take a vacation to the destination of your choice and spend some time there to learn more about the different neighborhoods around town.

Consider your health

Plan for your future retirement years by settling close to excellent medical care facilities. Research the wellness services and hospitals that will be available to you in the new community.

Consider the weather

Find out what type of weather patterns you can expect at your new destination. Every place has its own type of weather and if you’re someone that thrives when the sun is shining, you won’t want to move to a rainy place that only sees the sun shining through the clouds on a hit and miss basis.

Look at the cost of living

Here in Canada, the cost of living can vary greatly from one end of the country to the other. Living in a major city, for example, is going to cost a lot more than settling in a small town as far as housing costs are concerned. Do some research first to find out what types of costs you can reasonably expect to incur once the move is completed. You probably already have a retirement budget set up so you’ll want to ensure that you won’t be breaking the budget by moving to an area with a higher cost of living than where you are now.

If you’re planning to work during your retirement

Many Canadians expect to carry on working past the age of 65. Some are planning to continue work in order to remain mentally active while others believe that they’ll need to stay employed in order to cover their basic costs of living. Find out what type of work would be available in the community you’re planning on moving to. There should be some part-time employment positions open in the community that you find interesting.